A Stellar Debut at SageCon CTF! triumphs at WGU's first SageCon CTF! Learn more about our team's debut victory. A Stellar Debut at SageCon CTF!
Epic bird picture taken by @MrFaustie

A First-Place Finish That's Just the Beginning

Big news from our corner of the digital universe! Our new in-house CTF team, "," just rocked their debut at the first-ever SageCon™ CTF, hosted by Western Governors University® (WGU®) and Hack The Box®.

What is SageCon?

SageCon is WGU's first annual CTF event on the Hack The Box CTF platform. This year's event was held on December 1st, 2023, and consisted of cybersecurity challenges covering everything from forensics to cryptography. Our team of WGU students and alumni took several "first-bloods" and snagged a first-place "W" with 13/13 challenges solved.

WGU's Unique Approach to Learning

WGU isn't your typical university. Their competency-based learning model is what sets them apart. It's all about mastering skills at your own pace, making learning a personal journey. This approach is perfect for the ever-changing world of cybersecurity, where being up-to-date and adaptable isn't just nice; it's necessary.

What's Next for

This win at SageCon is just the start for Our team is already gearing up for future challenges, eager to dive into new puzzles and continue our journey in cybersecurity competitions. Each event is an opportunity to learn, grow, and contribute to a safer digital world, aligning perfectly with our mission at Cyber Info.

A Word of Thanks

A big shoutout to Western Governors University and Hack The Box for organizing a fun and challenging event! In addition, a massive congratulations to every member of – we have set an incredible benchmark for ourselves, and there's only more pwning from here on out!

Aaron Fillmore (w33t) - Captain
Juan Requena (dirtyj) - Co-Captain
Christopher Peters (variblex)
Jenna Fowler (cyberdumpling)
David Aprill (0null)

Like that bird pic? Find more cool pics from our Staff Photographer, @MrFaustie!

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